Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Strategic Assessments

istock_000002496299xsmallYou don’t want to sell your company now, but someday you do. And the best way to maximize the value of your business is to plan ahead.

Do you know what your company would be worth (and why)? Before you consider a divestiture, an acquisition, or any other strategic business undertaking, knowing the value drivers (and detractors) the market is likely to ascribe to your business can make the difference between a successful transaction and a disappointing one.

A strategic assessment is a snapshot of a business and an action plan for value creation. We assess every aspect of a business - from operational strength to market position to financial performance. And we recommend corrections or improvements, the timeline for implementation, and the impact on the value.

RMA News

Newspaper, Magazine Publisher Acquires Baltimore’s Child

The long-standing and leading regional parenting publication in the Baltimore metro area, Baltimore’s Child, has been sold. Read more...

Sacramento Media Takes Ownership of Sacramento Magazine

Established property and veteran team expected to excel under new leadership.  Read more...

American Public Media Group sells Greenspring Media Group to Hour Media

Sale is a strategic move to focus on radio and digital content.  Read more...

Davler Media Group Acquires New York Spaces

New York Metro area specialty publisher futher diversifies.


Yankee Publishing Inc. Acquires McLean Communications

Creates New Hampshire publishing powerhouse.