Thursday, May 25, 2017

Folio: December, 2009

City & Regionals Look for New Life in 2010
By Matt Kinsman

“It’s less that one category has done better or worse than individual markets have done better or worse,” says Kim Mac Leod, president of Regional Media Advisors, an M&A company for the regional market. “There are very specific hot spots and cold spots around the U.S.” Mac Leod says she’s seeing more distressed properties on the block. “The market is different not so much in that multiples have declined—which of course they have—but deal structures have changed,” she adds. “There is almost a requirement that deals need to be constructed without the aid of financing—it’s so tight, deals are getting done in spite of the banks. Buyers and sellers are creating deal structures that are much more creative than they’ve had to be in the past. There’s more willingness to mitigate the risk on both sides.” Read more...